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Is your child a bit of a green thumb? Or perhaps just a big fan of little fairies?

Foxy Evergreen flowers are now offering intimate workshops for children aged 6-12.


This workshop includes a Fairy Garden expert, to assist the kids in choosing their own plants and accessories to jazz up their little garden. This includes Mossy Twigs, Stones, animals and Mushrooms. And what about a fairy!?  They will also be able to choose a cute little fairy to live in their very own terracotta pot. Suitable for indoors or Outdoors, we will give your creative gardeners instructions on how to care for their little garden when they take it home.

Note: Not all plants & Succulents will be the same as the images. Subject to availability. A variety will be available for your child to choose from, however we will choose what is going to work best to create a lovely full look. Also, not every child will get Tinkerbell, there will be other fairies as well.